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This is what I do best but I'm more than happy to take on a project that falls outside of these categories. Just drop me a message and I'll be in touch.

Web Content and Digital Media

Portfolio Web Design

If you're creating a new website from scratch or refreshing a webpage with new content, I can provide proofreading assistance, whist also considering SEO and the use of keywords, if required.

Academic Writing and Dissertations

Image by MD Duran

Working on your dissertation at uni? Or are you busy creating a new piece of academic work? I can help proofread your text, including any tables, illustrations, footnotes, bibliographies and reference lists.

Popular Science Writing

Image by Vincent van Zalinge

Nearly ready to publish your latest work? With a BSc and background in science, alongside training in popular science writing, I can do that final tidy-up of your text.

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