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Popular Science Writing

Nearly ready to publish your latest work? With a BSc and background in science, alongside training in popular science writing, I can do that final tidy-up of your text.


Before your book can hit the shelves or your article can be published in the magazine, a full proofread is required to check for any issues that have been missed during the previous stages of editing.

During the proofread I will focus on:

  • Ensuring consistent and standard use of punctuation, grammar and spelling

  • Page numbering and running heads

  • Prelims (copyright page, contents page, lists of tables etc)

  • Chapter titles and headings

  • Cross-references

  • Figures, tables, maps etc

  • Issues in layout eg spacing, indentation, typefaces and word breaks

  • End matter (notes, glossary, references etc)

Alongside proofreading training, I have completed the Popular Science Writing course with the Institute of Continuing Education (ICE), University of Cambridge. Because of this, I have knowledge of the importance of Popular Science Writing and have studied how authors use style of language to communicate to non-scientific readerships.

Please use the contact form below to let me know you'd be interested in this service.

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