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Web Content and Digital Media

If you're creating a new website from scratch or just adding some content to a webpage, I can provide proofreading assistance, whist also considering SEO and the use of keywords, if required.

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Proofreading isn't just for books. If your website is full of mistakes, the person visiting your site is likely to leave and look elsewhere.

I have experience in working on a wide-range of digital content, including:

  • Webpages

  • Blogs

  • Newsletters

  • Emails

  • Social media posts

  • Forms

  • e-books

In addition to proofreading, I can help advise you on the best ways to reduce bounce rates, help your webpages rank on search engines and encourage people to find your online content.

If you'd like to find out more about how I can help, or make an enquiry about a project you are working on, then please use my contact form below.

Lizzie did the best job proofreading my website for me. She picked up on all the fine details, got the job done quickly and without any stress. This meant I could get my website up and running on time. I will definitely be back when I add more content to the site. Thanks!

Emma Brett-Phare,

When I needed help proofing my website, Lizzie was so helpful and provided a first-class service. I was so pleased with the end result.

Lucy McLeod,

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